Appointments are required in order for our staff to give you the attention and service our brides brag about. We want you to have the best experience possible when you shop with us. Appointments allow our staff to reserve space for you and your party as well as plan ahead for the special pieces you’ll be trying on. Call (913) 268-5566 to request an appointment with one of our bridal fashion experts.

First Visit

Each bride will be shown her choice of wedding dresses in a private show room furnished with a platform and mirrors. When just beginning your wedding gown search, we recommend just bringing 1-3 or so people with you. Large groups tend to be overwhelming and our space is limited, so it helps you and us make the most of your visit when the numbers are smaller. If you find your perfect gown- order it! No need looking elsewhere. If it is perfect you can try on 100 more gowns, just to return to that perfect one. Dress shopping should be fun.


We do not allow you to take pictures until you purchase your gown. This is at each of our designers requests, as each gown we carry is specific to that particular designer. Thank you in advance for adhering to our no pictures policy. When you are ready to purchase, we would be happy to assist you in taking as many pictures as you like or need. Until then, we have all of our designers listed on our website, with links to their specific websites, where many of the gowns may be viewed.

Purchasing Your Gown

We recommend purchasing your gown 9-12 months in advance of your wedding date. This allows for gown production, shipping, fittings, and portraits to happen stress free. We require a deposit of 50% of the total to begin your ordering process. Depending on which gown you have chosen, your gown’s production can take anywhere from 12 weeks to 6 months. When working with a shorter time frame rushing gowns is sometimes an option depending on the designer.

Steam Package

We will gladly store your gown and steam it out for your portraits as well as for your wedding day as part of our steam package. Ask your consultant for details.


Alterations are a very important step in the process of your wedding dress fitting perfectly for you! You reserve the right to utilize any seamstress of your choice. Though we do not have a seamstress on staff, we do work closely with select local seamstresses whose work is of reputable quality. We will be happy to share their contact information if you choose.

Finishing Touches

After purchasing the gown, we recommend making a “finishing touches” appointment where you will experience the very latest in accessories for today’s fashion conscious bride. During your appointment, you will be able to try on veils, gloves, jewelry and accessories of all types.

A Word of Advice

If you choose to order your dress from an unauthorized dealer, one who offers to order your gown but does not carry samples of the line in their store:

1. You may receive a counterfeit gown of inferior quality,

2. Because this process (cross-shipping) is illegal and unethical, you may not receive delivery of your dress, and

3. You will not have any recourse if there is a discrepancy or problem with the gown. Your best choice for quality and service when ordering the perfect gown is to order from an authorized dealer.